MILES: The Future of Live Events with Jacob Navok of Genvid

MILES: The Future of Live Events with Jacob Navok of Genvid

Show notes

Interactive live events were a hit during the depths of the pandemic and it looks like they're here to stay. To understand what massive interactive live events (MILEs) are and learn how it was inevitable in the trajectory of gaming, listen as our host, Alexander Fernandez, speaks with this week's guest, Jacob Navok about the fascinating aspect of gaming and interactive content.

Jacob Navok is co-founder and CEO of Genvid Technologies, the leader in interactive streaming technology. Prior to founding Genvid, Jacob led worldwide business development and strategy at Square Enix Holdings, reporting to the CEO. He also built their cloud gaming division, Shinra Technologies, where he met many of his Genvid colleagues.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Jacob's journey from Square Enix to Genvid
  2. What is MILEs?
  3. What TRULY is the metaverse?
  4. And is Play-to-earn a ponzi scheme?

And much more!

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